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Created On12/17/2012
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FAQ -- Where can I download the ScheduFlow 2008 Version
Duoserve has decided to retire ScheduFlow 2008 as of 5/1/14.

We have put our best efforts in keeping the application supported, up to date, and bug free for approximately 6 years. Some customers have asked "Why can't you simply give me a file. We know you have it!!!" This brings a number of challenges for Duoserve and a huge version installation nightmare for us and our customers. This does not allow us to focus our development and testing efforts on new products.  In short, products must be made obsolete at some point.  We have chosen 6 years and two releases before we have made this decision.

Here are some reasons:

Reason 1:  Security Concerns. Many security flaws are discovered day to day in operating systems and components we depend on for our software to function. Our customers depend on our products and expect them to function securely.  We simply can not afford to take resources off of our newer product lines to rediscover if our "older" versions are using components or operating system functionality that have been compromised. This will impose a risk on our customers. This is especially the case for customers who wish to adhere to regulations such as HIPAA and other similar regulations for various industries.

Reason 2: Support Issues. When people continue to install old software they begin to expect support for older products.  We need to end that cycle to focus on providing support for newer editions. We also want to clear up our support forums and keep our website tidy and neat for our customer base.  We can not keep references to every version ever made.  If we drop the support links we will also be taking down the product as well. 

Reason 3: Operating systems changes. Our older versions no longer install on newer operating systems particularly due to new security restrictions imposed by Microsoft.  We DO NOT ever purposefully disable versions from working unless there is an underlying problem we do not wish to put our customers through.  With newer versions of OSs coming out we get a flood of calls saying "your installation is a mess and it does not work." We can not argue with the fact that our older versions do not work on newer operating systems and we can not make old things work with new things forever, therefore the 6 years of downloads and support we have gladly provided.

Reason 4: Customer Satisfaction. Selling our new versions although advantageous to us is even more beneficial to our customers.  Trust us with each edition you will be greatly surprised with the feature sets and that helps us keep our customers happy. This is our primary goal. Once we achieve that we know our customers will gladly pay for each release.  We do not have a "you're forced to upgrade policy" as you can always hold on to your downloads and install them as long as necessary.

Reason 5: Duoserve is moving to the cloud.  As the Internet has grown our product line has shifted towards customer demand.  This includes more mobile needs and a growing demand for distributed information. Basically most of our customers are signing up for our cloud services at a much higher ratio than for our self installed LAN versions.  This shift in demand has made us focus on keeping information in the cloud. This offers several advantages.  Data Durability (backups), reliability, reduction in server installation complications, demand for data everywhere, security, and various new features that require access to certain information that can be made available to our cloud based customers. We are moving forward in making our applications communicate with other infrastructure. Examples include SMS, Phone, Email integration and many more upcoming automation enhancements.

Duoserve will not offer any form of support for versions described in this article. If you have a copy of our application and wish to install it you are entitled to that right indefinitely and we highly encourage our customers to do what is in their best interest. However, we kindly ask that you respect this policy as we can not make exceptions for part of our customer base. All customers are created equal.