Getting Started -- Adding Clients

To add clients to ScheduFlow, click on the 'File' tab.  Then click on the 'Add Client...' button located in the Clients group of the top menu.  Once the clients form opens up, you can begin adding client information. 
Only the Display Name is required to create each client.  All other fields are optional.  Once you have entered the client information, click 'Save' and close the form.
The client(s) you have created in the previous step will now become available when you set up an appointment.  Double click on any calendar area and an 'Appointment' window will open allowing you to enter the details of your appointment.  In the 'Appointment' section of this form, click on the 'Appointment for:' dropdown and you will see the newly created client name(s).
If you do not wish to add clients to ScheduFlow, you can use the software to create schedules without assigning a client to your appointment/schedule.