How To -- Show Next Available Appointment/Time Slot

Many users have asked us how they can get the next available appointment or time slot. The Quick View feature is a versatile way to achieve a solution to this. Simply put, the 'Quick View' displays a list of appointments for a specific label. For example you can show a list of appointments that are 'Available' in the 'Quick View'.
You can use the Quick View feature to show available slots by doing the following:
1. Make a custom label to define your available time slots. By going to Administrator tab->Labels... Ex. "Available" or "Free for Scheduling"
2. Go to the View Tab->Enable Label Subfilter and make sure you click on it to enable it.
3. Then Choose the custom label you’ve created in step 1 in the View Tab->Show Only dropdown.
Now that you've set up the 'Quick View' (shows as a tab on the right side of the ScheduFlow window) to show only 'Available' time slots you can begin setting up either Recurring Appointments or One Time Appointments with the 'Available' custom label assigned. Recurring appointments can be setup to reveal time slots that are spanned over multiple days (You can adjust how long these spans are under recurrence). One time appointments can be used as well to define manual availability on specific dates and times.
Once you place appointments with the 'Available' labels you will need to select the date range with the 'Calendar' control.
Ex. Drag your mouse on the calendar control from the 1st to 7th. That will show available time slots from the 1st to the 7th of the month in the Quick View.
Ex. Choosing Month View to show next available appointments in the month will show in the Quick View.