FAQ -- I need an invoice for my purchase from Duoserve

We currently do not have an automated system that generates invoices for purchases made on www.duoserve.com.  As we are currently focusing full efforts on improving our products, we may add this option in the future.

Please note that in the US credit card statements can be used as proof of payment, based on the excerpt below which was taken from the IRS at http://www.irs.gov as of 06/21/2011. In the event of an audit, we will be more than happy to provide our customers with invoices for products purchased at www.duoserve.com. These rules apply to the United States where a majority of our clients reside.


"Proof of Payment

One of your basic records is proof of payment. You should keep these records to support certain amounts shown on your tax return. Proof of payment alone is not proof that the item claimed on your return is allowable. You also should keep other documents that will help prove that the item is allowable.

Generally, you prove payment with a cash receipt, financial account statement, credit card statement, canceled check, or substitute check. If you make payments in cash, you should get a dated and signed receipt showing the amount and the reason for the payment. "