How To -- Limit the Software to only Allow One Appointment Per Hour Period

A user has asked the following:
"I will have up to 10 schedulers and more that 30 technicians that will be managed through this software. Each "job" is slated in one hour increments and each is only allowed to manage one job per hour so this is critical to avoid conflicts."
1. Create a new group by clicking on 'Manage Groups...' under the 'Administrator Tab'.
2. Under the 'Resource Appointment Permissions' tab, select the resource (one by one) for which you want to disable conflicts.
3. Make sure that the 'Conflicts' column is unchecked for each resource. The other columns should all be checked if you want the other permissions enabled or you can decide what to allow (e.g. Create, View, Edit, Delete, Reassign).
4. Make sure you check the appropriate System Permissions for that group as well under the 'Systems Permissions' tab.
You can then assign your ScheduFlow users to this new group that you created in the 'Manage Users...' form in the 'Member of Group' drop down.