How To -- Update Billing for my Subscription

If you have not had your account paused and would like to update your billing information please visit

If you have had your account paused your account may be in one of two grace periods Duoserve offers as courtesy. Please read below to take the appropriate action necessary to update your billing information:

Billing Grace Period

Duoserve offers a 'Billing Grace Period' for customers whose credit card could not be charged while their account is still active. After the 'Billing Grace Period' is over, the account will enter a paused state and you will not be able to log in.  After a few failed attempts to charge the card on file our system will automatically send an email with a link to update your account information.  If you have not received this email, this may be due to the fact that it was sent to your junk email or spam box.  If you wish to update your account information locate the email sent by Duoserve either in your regular inbox or your junk email box.  If you have not been able to locate the email it may be due to an outdated email address on file or a problem with our/your email system. In any case you can update your billing via  If you are still having a problem, submit a trouble ticket with your phone number and request to be called.

Data Grace Period

Duoserve offers a 'Data Grace Period' as a courtesy to our customers whose accounts have passed the 'Billing Grace Period'. In the 'Data Grace Period', your data will stay intact and is meant to assist customers who have missed the 'Billing Grace Period' window. Depending on the type of account, the length of the period may vary, but is usually a few weeks following the end of the 'Billing Grace Period'.  This will allow us to re-enable your existing account.  If you decide to update your billing information and continue using our product, please visit

**Duoserve offers the 'Data Grace Period' as a courtesy and reserves the right to vary the length of time that the account information is archived.