Problem -- ScheduFlow labels don't show or checking labels gives an error

If your labels within ScheduFlow are not loading, or you receive an error when you check a particular label, it is likely that your configuration file may have gotten corrupted.  This does not store any of your actual information, but rather just which labels were last checked.  Resetting this file should fix the problem.  Please follow the steps below:
1.       Exit ScheduFlow (using the Exit button)
2.       Click on your windows start menu and type in ‘cmd’, then hit enter
3.       Once the black command window pops up, paste the following into it and hit enter:
             del %userprofile%\appdata\local\duoserve\scheduflow16\*.config
4.       Open ScheduFlow again
This should fix the labels issue. If it did not, please refer to the article below: